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Hello guys, we’re going to check out the best Subwoofers under 500 in 2020. I made this list based on my personal opinion and I tried to list them based on their price, quality, durability, and more. To find out more information about the Subwoofers you can check out below. If you’d like to win one of these products, make sure you watch the whole review, click the like button and comment the hidden word found in this review.

5.Monoprice 109723

At number five, it’s the Monoprice 109723. If you’re setting up your home theater or a sound system for your music, you’re probably looking at different receivers, satellite sound bars and whatnot. However, you should take a look at subwoofers since without them your setup won’t be complete at all. And in my opinion, they’re a necessity. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money at first but still want to get a quality subwoofer for your house. Then you should check out the monoprice 109723 subwoofer.

 This 12 inch 150 watt unit Deliver plenty of beautiful lows for its price, and it read through my expectations. Even if Monoprice 109723 isn’t a very household name that we know, this author will deliver tons of performance. I should start by saying that the Monoprice 109723 is a pretty well sized device. Neither big nor small, just right measuring about 17.5 by 17.3 by 17 inches in total, and it weighs about 2.6 pounds in total. It has an all black unassuming design without any glossy finish or anything on its body.

best home theater subwoofer under 500

On the front side your spot a black grill that covers the front of the case, and it’s removable to reveal the woofer on the rear of the Saab, you’ll find both the RCA and speaker level inputs, so you can accommodate it with older receivers. While it’s cheap and good. The subwoofer is also pretty quiet and less powerful than the other subs were reviewed today. And to reach louder than the volumes you will have to turn the volume down to the max. And compared to most of the subs in the market. It’s quite weak. However, when you consider its price point, there’s nothing to be complaining about the drive is good and the presentation is excellent.

best wireless subwoofer

According to the manufacturer, this sob can go as low as 50 hertz and the frequency range and through testing I saw that it’s true and 50 hertz was quite good, but going further down, it gets a little fuzzy. This subwoofer also comes with a one year warranty and overall for its price, it’ll deliver you plenty of bass sounds. It’s the best one to half until you’re ready to upgrade to a high end device.

4.AudioEngine S8

At number four, it’s AudioEngine S8. Coming up next we have one of the most advanced subwoofers in the market coming in with the AudioEngine S8, which also is the most attractively designed device in the market. This subwoofer will deliver a premium performance to your house and it comes with great wireless connectivity options if you want. It can get loud and it has one of the best sound qualities in the market.

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And if you’re ready to invest in a sub, this is the right time. In terms of design and looks. The AudioEngine S8 is pretty minimally designed and very streamlined at that With its simplistic, boxy shape that’ll fit right into most contemporary design living rooms and sound systems. It has four attractive feet on the bottom to keep the device afloat, and it looks really good from every angle, very aesthetically pleasing. To get the superb and clean design, the device has all the controls and connectivity ports on the back, which is the right choice all about your spot the crossover volume and phase dials to deliver the best possible experience and allow you to quickly adjust the settings on the fly. with ease, you can find the sweet spot for all your media and it won’t be really difficult either. The feature also keep the device very stable and it won’t move accidentally. I’d suggest you invest in the audio engine w three wireless adapter which you can get in the bundle with a device to get a clean set up. One of my favorite features of the device is its auto sleep mode, which turns off the device when it doesn’t detect any sound to save power.

best home audio subwoofer

This beast is packed with an eight inch down firing unit that delivers 250 watts of power at maximum. And I can say that I’m very impressed. The performance of the audio engine sad when I watch movies it took the whole experience and made it so much better than it already was. You’ll feel the immense power and it’ll take the whole thing to another level, just perfect in every way.

3. Polk Audio PSW505

At number three, it’s the Polk Audio PSW505. Moving on, we have one of the very best subwoofers in the market which is also one of the most popular choices in Amazon and it will deliver the most for your money. The Polk Audio PSW505. This subwoofer is very affordable for what it offers. It has a high peak and RMS power, you’ll notice no distortion and no noise thanks to its magnetic shielding, and it has an automatic on and off circuit that will make things better.

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 In the design department the Polk Audio PSW505  only there’s not anything exceptional or fancy, very utilitarian for the statically pleasing with its case made out of MDF with a black laminated surface that measures 16.1 by 15.1 18.2. But it weighs a hefty 43 pounds in total. However, I have To say that the cabinet has a super solid construction and feels like a quality device overall, except the detachable grill on the front which won’t hold forever.

The initial setup of the device is very simple, and I didn’t expect it to be more complicated to be honest. You just need to plug into the power source, connect it with your receiver and voila, we’re ready to go. However, it will prove a little difficult to find the right place for this speaker, since it requires a little more clearance from the wall due to the port size at the back in the sound department I can say one thing. The Polk Audio PSW505 is very powerful and emits. It’s equipped with a 12 inch dynamic balanced offer that delivers superb sounds on top of that it also has the immense power of about 460 watts, meaning that if you pump the volume to the maximum, it’s going to make some waves.

What I liked the most about this device is that it delivered no distortion at all and it will blend in and work perfectly with your existing speakers. Thanks to its versatility unreached output. I noticed that even in the high volumes this device to me Some pretty thick sounds and it looked like it’s capable of so much more. If you want to get the most out of your hard earned dollar invest in this amazing subwoofer, the Polk Audio PSW505.

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2.Sonos Sub

At number two, it’s the Sonos sub. Coming up next we have an interesting subwoofer from Sonos delivering some interesting features such as wireless connectivity, smart features, interesting design and many more. It’s this up the solder Saab is also one of the most powerful subwoofers in the market, delivering versatility thanks to its placement, hassle free initial setup, and on top of that, it integrates well with your other speakers and smart home setup.

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 What’s not to love, like every device in the company’s lineup, this one as well as a very fresh and futuristic look. And I can’t complain as this might be one of the best design speakers in the market and it’s rather compact for what it offers. I did get small size as it mentioned 15.9 by 15.9 by 6.3 inches in total, and it won’t take much space in your room. However, be aware since this device is A little hefty, weighing a whopping 35 pounds in total.

It has a great glossy finish on top and it’s silver like cut out in the middle looks more like an art decoration then I subwoofer at the Qatar to locate the pair of drivers and it’s the main reason that this device isn’t shaped in the classic box shape, retaining the slim body and dimension.

On top of that the design of this device allows you to have freedom with the placement of it in comparison with other subwoofers at least. Overall the subwoofer has a great build quality and will survive for a long time before giving up. Definitely one of the strongest ones in the market. But then again, nothing less is expected of Sonos.

The initial setup for the Sonos sub is pretty easy, and you can do it in a whim, especially if you already have Sonos equipment. The pairing process of the wireless connectivity is super quick, and you can also do that in a second it will be a great addition to your sonar system.

compact subwoofer car audio

In terms of performance, the sauna sub delivered plenty of myton power with a small and compact body. I found out that the base is super solid and it will improve the sound of your system. There’s nothing faulty with a subwoofer. None simply flawless in every way. The base is tighter and punchy overall and it’s delivered so much more volume than I expected. So it enhances the whole experience.

1.Klipsch R-120SW

And number one, it’s Klipsch R-120SW. On top of the list we have the definite best subwoofer in the market so far, Klipsch R-120SW this device will take every sound device that you have in your home, give it a deep punchy base, and allow you to enjoy the whole new experience unlike anything you’ve experienced until today.

polk audio underseat subwoofer

This beast is extremely powerful has great frequency range, a great 12 inch woofer tons of volume and many more. First off, I have to say that this device has a truly amazing design going on with it very minimalistic and super attractive at the same time.

coming in with a full black enclosure made out of the best materials in existence. And its main feature the horn images that deliver unprecedented accuracy in terms of sound reproduction in any home grade stereo or theater system. It has a magnetic grill for a more modern look open fasteners and feet on its corners to deliver a great lock on top of the NDF reinforced chassis that eliminates the vibrations and has better sound accuracy overall.

On top of all this, the scratch resistant vinyl trim on the front delivers a beautiful look just excellent overall, no weak points whatsoever. This device features a 12 inch high phi class subwoofer with a total output of 200 watts. The frequency range of this product spans from 29 to 120 hertz and it delivers RCA input. That means you can connect it with the various devices without any problem delivering you plenty of versatility. You really won’t see what’s coming from this compact package, as the power is immense and the base will be super strong overall. In testing, I saw that this device was well suited with various genres, and I was super impressed with his overall performance in both music and films. If you want to get the very best your answer is simple. The Klipsch R-120SW

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